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Currently, we only sell patisserie products.

2009 Established Ginza store.
After that, he opened vegan restaurants in Shinjuku Sanchome, Ikebukuro, and Kyoto Kawaramachi.
This is an online shopping site for "AIN SOPH."

Happy vegan sweets that connect to infinity with 100% plant-based dairy and egg-free sweets
Easy to cook and enjoy at home
We sell vegan food.

Each product is handmade and hand-packed with care.

*Delivery dates are limited. At first"PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING"After checking the page,

Please place your order.

*On this pageDetails of whole cake (limited to Tokyo store pick-up)You can also see

(For reservations, please call the store you wish to receive.)

The takeout lunch box at the Ginza store is"Ginza store" pageYou can order from

<AIN SOPH. Online Store> Top 5 popular sweets products

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Please leave your reviews once you tried our products on our online store :)

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