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-What can we do with Korona-ka?

In 2020, the world has changed completely. However, we continue to receive passionate feelings from our customers every day, both from Japan and around the world. "Finally I came to Einsov!" We are politely working on what we can do every day for the smile of the day.

~ Connecting up to 100 years ahead ~

Looking ahead to AIN SOPH. 100 years from now, what can we leave behind for the future? The current situation of the environment, livestock, hunger, etc. is currently a global issue.The awareness and actions of each person who turns their attention to “veganism”This is thought to be one way to solve these problems.
 The choices each of us make have the power to change the world.What can we do now to protect our beautiful earth? 

~ Working together at Einsov ~

Those who are cheerful and like to interact with people.
Those who can interact with colleagues in harmony.
Those who can take on new challenges.

And we are looking for a companion who can choose to do all the work for the "smile of the future of the earth".
We are delighted that our customers are happy and that the people we work with are always happy.
I think that everything starts with being happy, making the person in front of you happy, and that consciousness.

Einsov means "infinity".
Our possibilities are endless.

"Return to your true self"

I want to sympathize with our thoughts and challenge the infinite possibilities of developing the vegan industry with us.

We are looking forward to your application.


・ Preferential treatment for experienced restaurants
・ Recruitment of store manager candidates ・ Welcome to those who wish to work for 4 years or more
・ Those who like to serve customers and interact with people


AIN SOPH. in Numbers


Our workplace

*We have received many applications and it is taking us some time to reply.
Please provide details of your work history and motivation for applying. We will use your entry as our first selection. Only those who proceed to an in-store interview will be contacted.
Priority will be given to those who have provided detailed information.

​Thank you.

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