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Traditional vegan burger specialty store
AIN SOPH. ripple
To franchise commercialization!
We are looking for partners to work with.

~ Franchisee Wanted ~
We are looking for people who can create the wave of the times together with us! 

"Contributing to global environmental activities through food SDGs."

We will expand to all over Japan and the world with the one and only vegan burger that matches the way of life in the future and rejoices both people and the earth .

Ripple is a "ripple".
From Einsofripuru to you, from you to beyond, like a "ripple".
Ripple's new challenge begins now with you!
Let's believe in the future of our vegan business and create a movement together.

"Vegan burger specialty store AIN SOPH. Ripple" FC store strengths



Providing a new style of vegan burger that pleases people and the earth

Vegetarian food saves environmental pollution and destruction related to livestock!

Vegan is no longer the standard in the world.

While contributing to the SDGs, the cutting-edge business that has finally begun to move in Japan, we can enter the market as soon as possible.

Even those who have no experience in eating and drinking can open the business smoothly.


Meat alternatives and plant-based cheeses developed by Einsov
One and only

Original ingredients such as safe and secure meats and cheese manufactured at the newly established plant-based specialty factory i plant are different from the existing hamburger stores and products using existing vegan products. High quality and original.

It is possible to differentiate from other competing stores.



Brand strategy that only top runners in the vegan world can do
Vegan is a global trend and is an accelerating market in Japan.

AIN SOPH., A vegan restaurant professional founded in 2009 and 13 years old this year, fully backs up franchise store management know-how and media strategy. We will supply tools supervised by AIN SOPH. And a number of sophisticated and popular products from the central kitchen.

​Targeted by all people who want to enjoy food and have a healthy life

The vegan food that is getting more and more attention in Japan in the future.

Before the spread of the infection, with the track record and brand power of "AIN SOPH.", Which was visited by 150,000 customers from all over the world every year.

Catch new after-corona inbound demand and new vegan and non-vegan customers who are sensitive to food trends.



It is possible to open a store in a second-class location!

It is the rent that greatly changes the profit margin in restaurant management, and due to the influence of the coronavirus, the high rent burden has been heavy for restaurants in first-class locations.

AIN SOPH. Can be opened in a second-class location because vegans, those who are interested in vegans, and those who are aware of AIN SOPH.

Because we can operate in three styles of eat-in, take-out and deliveryYou can get stable profits.

Menu example


Exciting, exciting and surprising presentations

Not limited to vegans, it should be loved by everyone who enjoys food !

It will be a hot topic on Instagram and SNS!



​Crispy soy chicken burger




Macaroni cheese


Seasonal grilled vegetable bowl


Fried chili cheese


AIN SOPH. Many media publications

[TV introduction]
・ TV Asahi Super J Channel broadcast on December 26, 2018 AIN SOPH.ripple was introduced.
August 29, 2021 I brought AIN SOPH.'S "Tiramisu" as a souvenir on Fuji TV "FNS Rough & Music".

・ Anan2271 "Matcha Tiramisu" by AIN SOPH. Was introduced in the special gift [Health-conscious sweets] special gift "Gift Grand Prize 2021 that makes everyone happy".
  The November 2021 issue of AIN SOPH.'S "Lemon Cake" was introduced.
  The 2022 winter issue vol370 <Gift Bible> AIN SOPH.'S "Tiramisu" was introduced.
・ I`m home
  no.116  2022 MARCH AIN SOPH.'S "Gluten Free Cookie Ice Sandwich" was introduced.
Many others

・ Gessan Shonen Sunday
  September 2021 issue "AK-69's Crying Meshi"
・ Digital manga magazine PRIMO
  Published December 16, 2021 "Mr. Kanematsu, are you delicious?"

From Einsofripuru to you, from you to beyond.

Hope each one realizes that he is the one who makes the ripples.

Praise from all over the world!

Highly rated on TripAdvisor and other word-of-mouth sites!
Before the spread of the infection, word of mouth spread and many foreign tourists visited the store!

Partial word-of-mouth excerpt:

・ I spend a month in Shinjuku, and used to go there any chance I got! The staff were always nice and the food always on point! A very nice place to get confort. I will miss this place back in France!

( I spent a month in Shinjuku and went to Ripple if I had a chance! The staff are always friendly and the food is always great! A good place to relax. I'm sure you'll miss it when you return to France ...・)

・ A really nice and open place in my favorite area of Tokyo 💗 The burgers are amazing, and the atmosphere is really good. A proper vegan gem in Tokyo 💗

(The burger is great! The atmosphere of the restaurant was very good. This is the real vegan restaurant in Tokyo!)


・ Get the cheeseburger! It is absolutely mindblowing!

Thanks for great and personalized customer service.

(I ate a cheeseburger and it tasted amazing!

Thank you for your wonderful customer service! )


・ The ripple cheeseburger, it is incredible. The taste of the burger after first bite made me scramble for the menu to triple check it was entirely vegan. Never have I had a burger that tasted so much like the real deal. 

Great place for casual burger.

Cozy spot. We had takeaway and sat on the cute bench seating outside. Our burgers, fries and cookies were all delightful. Big servings, filling. Excellent mock meat and cheese.

(Cheeseburger tastes amazing! I ate a bite and checked the menu three times to see if this was really vegan! This is the first burger that looks like real meat or cheese! It's a calm place but casual Great place to eat a nice burger. I took it out and ate it outside. The burgers, French fries and cookies were really good. The amount was good. It was a really nice alternative meat and cheese.)

etc ...


If you are interested in the vegan business but don't know what to start with,

Restaurant owners looking for new revenue methods and business models,

Please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

The person in charge will contact you by phone one by one.

Please contact us by e-mail with your name, phone number, and desired location (prefecture / municipality).


AIN SOPH. Owner Makoto Shirai Representative Director Yuki Shirai

In 2009, he established Shin Co., Ltd., and in the same year he founded the vegan restaurant “AIN SOPH.”

​ AINSOPH Ginza Main Store, AINSOPH Journey Shinjuku Store, AINSOPH Soar Ikebukuro Store, AINSOPH Ripple Kabukicho Store, AINSOPH Journey Kyoto Store, Trueberry Hiroo, Nakameguro, Omotesando, AINSOPH Central Kitchen, AINSOPH Atelier, etc. Operates 10 locations. Leading the Japanese vegan market for 14 years.


As a real estate owner, she manages 30 shared houses and over 100 apartment rental buildings.

On September 6, 2021, Shin Real Estate Service Co., Ltd. changed its name to Ain Soph Co., Ltd.


Since 2009, she has made meditation her lifestyle.

Before COVID-19, she made a pilgrimage to India five times a year, familiarized himself with the scriptures, and managed a lifestyle and company that made use of the wisdom of the Veda.

・Director of Japan Vegan Association

・Director of Japan Plant Based Market Association
・Member of the JAS enactment project team for food suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

・Worked as a cooking instructor at Studio Yogi

・VEGETARIAN AWARDS 2022 Judging Committee

・Chairman of NPO Nakayoshi

・Director of Japan Plant-Based Market Association


For inquiries regarding franchise store recruitmentPlease contact us using the contact information below.

The person in charge will contact you by phone one by one.

Please contact us by e-mail with your name, phone number, and desired location (prefecture / municipality).


■ Shin Co., Ltd.
2-7-5 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0003

■ AIN SOPH. Co., Ltd.
2-7-5 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0003

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