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"A place to back
to your origin"

That is AIN SOPH.

Welcome to AIN SOPH. 

We are a vegan restaurant group in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan since 2009.

‘Ain Soph,’ meaning ‘infinity’ in Hebrew, is a reflection of our authentic selves.

Through food, we can reconnect ourselves to nature and become closer to the essence of who we are.

We believe that in order to be close to nature, we must respect nature.

This is why our menu is plant based - free from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal-derived products.

Vegan food is inclusive of everyone - not just those with special dietary needs -food that everyone can sit around the same table and enjoy.

We hope that you have a pleasant experience with us.


Yuki Shirai



Our menu is 100% plant-based (vegan). We do not use any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or other animal-derived products.


Each of our restaurants serves unique menus. Please check below for a description of each of our restaurants or go to LOCATIONS in the top bar and click on a restaurant to check our menu.

Gluten Free and Oriental Vegan (free from onion, garlic, and other pungent roots) options are available at each location.
However, please note that many of our dishes contain pungent roots, and our kitchens are not an allergen-free environment. We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur.

Please contact media@ain-soph.jp for further information and concerns.


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December 2009  AIN SOPH. GINZA store opened
December 2012
  AIN SOPH. Journey SHINJUKU store opened
September 2013
  The Ginza store is temporarily closed due to the rebuilding of the building.
October 2013
  Established AIN SOPH. Central Kitchen
February 2014
  AIN SOPH. soar IKEBUKURO store opened
December 2015
  AIN SOPH. ripple KABUKICHO store opened
November 2016
  Ginza store reopened
April 2017
  Acquired business rights for the Trueberry Hiroo store and Nakameguro store, which specialize in domestically produced pesticide-free cold pressed juice.
March 2017
   Ikebukuro store expansion renewal
June 2017
   Established AIN SOPH. Atelier, a pastry workshop 
December 2017
  Acquired management rights for Trueberry Omotesando
March 2018
  AIN SOPH.  Journey KYOTO store opened
June 2019
  Sold the Trueberry brand to Cafe Company, Inc.
April 2020
  Opened online store Vegan Patisserie AIN SOPH.
December 2020
  AIN SOPH. ripple closed due to sale of building

February 2021  YouTube "AIN SOPH. official channel" started 

September 2021  Cooking instructor at Studio Yoggy

April 2022  AIN SOPH. ripple TATESHINA store opened as the 1st franchised store 


Shin Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Yuki Shirai

Established Shin Co., Ltd. in 2009, and in the same year, founded the vegan restaurant "AIN SOPH".

Operates 10 locations including Ginza Main Store, AIN SOPH. Journey Shinjuku Store, AIN SOPH. soar Ikebukuro Store, AIN SOPH.  Ripple Kabukicho Store, AIN SOPH.  Journey Kyoto Store, Trueberry Hiroo, Nakameguro, Omotesando, AIN SOPH.  Central Kitchen, and AIN SOPH. Atelier.

Leading the Japanese vegan market for 12 years.

As a real estate owner, she manages 30 share houses and more than 100 apartment rental buildings.

 She started meditation since 2009.

In the pre-pandemic times, she pilgrimages to India five times a year, is familiar with the scriptures, and manages a lifestyle and company that makes use of the wisdom of the Vedas.

・ Director of Japan Vegan Association ・ Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries vegetarian or food suitable for vegan JAS establishment project team member

・ Cooking instructor at Studio Yoggy



Company name: AIN SOPH. Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Yuki Shirai

Location: 3-5-7-1F Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013