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Yuki Shirai's
​"Return to your true self"Forofmethod

​Ein Sof Juku is back after 10 years!

Oh my God! Mr. Edward Asai appears as a special lecturer

What is Ain Sof Juku?

Yuki Shirai, the owner of AIN SOPH., who has been a leader in Japan's vegan world since its founding in 2009, will be holding a management school again 10 years after she first opened it.


In this lecture, Yuki Shirai will introduce the creative mechanism that led to the founding of AINSOF and the idea that spirituality and vegetarian diet are inseparable.

FirstOnline trial briefing session (free)toPlease join us.

In addition to explanations and experiences of Ain Sof Juku, how to apply for the course.We will guide you.

​For those considering taking the course (Message from Yuki Shirai)

This year marks the 15th anniversary since I founded AINSOF, and it has been 10 years since I startedWe will be holding the Ain Sof Juku again.
It was a legendary management school where many of its graduates started their own businesses and went on to become business owners, writers, etc.
In the first place, AINSOF was created by the state I gained from an out-of-body experience I had 15 years ago.
At that time, we didn't understand how it worked, so it became an out-of-body experience.''
Through that experience, I achieved my current success.
Currently, through food, exercise, lifestyle, meditation, mechanisms, secret techniques, etc.
The mechanism behind such explosive creation
Please explainIt's time to do it.
The mechanism by which great miracles occur, how to be loved by God, how to obtain supernatural powers, etc. are divided into the sections of Body, Mind, and Spirit.
I would like to share this information with all participants as much as time allows.
And this time, I would like to talk to my dear friend and consultant, an information space consultant.
Edward AsaiMr.We welcome you all day long.

We will provide an opportunity to hear your story. We look forward to seeing you at the venue.

✧ Instructor profile ✧

Main lecturer:Yuki Shirai(Shirai snow)

Owner of AIN SOPH.

Representative director of Shin Co., Ltd.

Representative director of AINSOF Co., Ltd.

Established Shin Co., Ltd. in 2009, and in the same year founded the vegan restaurant "Ain Soph".

It operates 10 locations including Ain Sof Ginza Main Store, Ain Sof Journey Shinjuku Store, Ain Sof Soar Ikebukuro Store, Ain Sof Full Kabukicho Store, Ain Sof Journey Kyoto Store, Trueberry Hiroo, Nakameguro, Omotesando, Ain Sof Central Kitchen, and Ain Sof Atelier. For 14 years, he has been leading the Japanese vegan market.

 As a real estate owner, I manage 30 shared houses and over 100 apartment rental buildings.

Since 2009, he has made meditation a lifestyle under his teacher.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, he made pilgrimages to India five times a year, became familiar with the scriptures, and used Vedic wisdom to lead a lifestyle and manage his company. (Profile details)


book:No eggs or dairy products! Vegan sweets taught by “Ein Soft”


Special lecturer:Edward Asai(Edward Aza

You can experience the essence of Edward Asai's consulting worth 5 million yen, which is so popular that it is currently unavailable due to cancellations.

His grandfather was a former Imperial Army intelligence officer, and he received special code-breaking training from an early age. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he became independent as an asset consultant with the goal of establishing a support fund for earthquake orphans.
He has a wide range of connections, including European millionaires, royalty, Freemasons, politicians, and bureaucrats.
In addition, the Asai family's ancestors have their roots in Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture, so when Kobo Daishi Kukai visited Shimabara 1,200 years ago, he said, ``In times of turmoil, share your wealth and work for the sake of the world and people.'' If we do so, the Asai family will continue to prosper forever into the future.''He has passed on his last precepts and secret techniques.
He made a big breakthrough with his high school classmate and popular YouTuber Hisuni Ishida, also known as Q, in a collaboration video and seminar in which he explained ``this world's scenarios'' and showed off his ``arrangement'' techniques. Currently, he is providing sessions and consulting to over 10,000 customers, always envisioning the future 100 years in the future, using Onmyodo, ancient Japanese wisdom, and secret techniques based on information from various connections.

blog:An overwhelming future is coming to greet you! How to organize your space


エドワード淺井様 公式ブログ:圧倒的な未来が迎えにやって来る!空間の整え方 より



【成功の扉は、向こう側からしか開かない】 というモナコ富豪の教えがあります。
10年前、起業によって成功した女性を次々 と輩出した伝説の女性起業塾『アインソフ塾』。 

10月1日からオンライン説明会(参加費無料)が 始まります。

まずは、オンライン説明会&無料講座で、メイン講師 白井由紀氏の人となり、講座の一端を知っていただきたく思います。 

✧ Lecture content and schedule ✧

[Lecture content]

Ain Soph's eternal theme of ``returning to one's true self'' will be thoroughly explained to achieve true happiness and abundance, not just temporary success.
From being an ordinary housewife, she experiences the low points of life such as running away from home, getting divorced, and living apart from her children.
We will tell you how to become a billionaire after going through an out-of-body experience and achieving your current success and continuous growth.

<BODY>New eating habits you want to adopt.
<MIND>Meditation to break away from the ego to the Self. Take advantage of your talent.
<SPIRIT>A place where you can return to your true self.

[Date and time]

・Sunday, October 22, 2023 1st lecture <BODY>
・Saturday, November 25, 2023 2nd lecture <MIND>
・December 23, 2023 (Sat) 3rd lecture​〈SPIRIT〉

 Every day 10:00-12:00,14:00-17:00 (2 hours break)


For those taking the real course

 AIN SOPH. Journey SHINJUKU1st basement floor

〒160-0022  3-8-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo  Shinjuku Q Building B1





















✧ Course information ✧

Ain Sof Juku [Regular course]


 Limited to 17 people. The course will be taken at Ain Sof Journey Shinjuku. You can learn with your friends while meeting the instructors face-to-face.


Your smartphone or PCThe course will be taken via ZOOM. You can easily study in a relaxing environment such as your own room.

Ain Sof Juku[Premium course](Limited to 5 people)

☆1 hour “individual session” with main instructor Yuki ShiraiWith "n"

 Ain Sof Journey ShinjukuhandYou can learn with your friends while meeting the instructors face-to-face. You can also receive individual sessions with Yuki Shirai.

✧ Impressions from students ✧

​1st generationKumiko Noda Mr. Miss.

Established limited liability company Yukaraku (Yukara)

Tsukiji Wagokoro Concierge


In 2013, I attended the legendary Ain Sof Management School as a first-year student.

Although it was 10 years ago, I still vividly remember the shock I felt then. At that time, I was building a career at a foreign company, but my life was unstable and I lacked confidence, so I was constantly searching for myself. During this time, I met Yuki, the owner of the Ain Soph shop, and decided that I wanted to return to my ``true self''.

Among other things, it is a great asset that by writing out ``My Story'' at management school and reading it out loud myself, I was able to awaken to my own talents and potential that I had hidden until now, and to recognize my own worth. . The life stories of the friends we shared together were so precious and beautiful, and we were moved by the love for the irreplaceable lives of each and every one of them. Through these experiences, I became aware of the importance and role of life and discovered the brilliance within people, and the way I saw the world changed dramatically.

In March 2023, I will publish a book depicting the lives of 20 people who shine at Tsukiji."Tsukiji style"has been published. It is thanks to the management school and My Story that I am able to work as a writer who depicts the stories of people living today and conveys people, cities, history, and culture. Without that time, I wouldn't be where I am today.

If Yuki is going to do it, it can't be a normal management school! Trust your intuition and jump in.It was! !

I'm looking forward to seeing a new Ain Sof legend born this time as well.

​Noda Kumiko's introduction site ishere

​If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


✧ Online trial briefing session (free) ✧

If you would like to apply or are considering applying for this lecture, please contactFirst of all, it's freeOnline experience briefing sessionPlease join us.

In addition to explaining the content and experience of Ain Sof Juku, we will also provide information on how to apply for the course..

[Schedule] Online experience briefing session

・October 1st (Sun) 14:00- / 20:00-
・October 5th (Thu)

・October 7th (Sat) 14:00- / 20:00-
・October 8th (Sun) 14:00- / 

🆕October 11th (Wed) 20:00-

🆕October 12th (Thu) 20:00-

🆕October 16th (Mon) 20:00-

Further dates will be added at any time.



ZOOMHeld online at




Please apply using the button below.

After confirming your application, we will send you the ZOOM meeting URL via email.

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