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前日の15時までにご注文頂くと翌日の11時30分以降18時までにアインソフ 銀座店頭にてお受け取りが可能になります。


*10名以上の団体ご予約は、 1週間前までにご予約ください。団体ご予約のキャンセルの際は、3日前50%、前日15時以降は全額キャンセルポリシーとして頂戴いたします。あらかじめご了承下さい。

*For pick up orders from our Ginza location at 11:30 am-6pm, please place your orders 2 days prior by 3 pm.

Please write your desired collection day in Notes when you place your order.
*Pick up only (no deliveries.)

If you are ordering 10 or more, please make your reservation at least one week in advance.

Cancellation Policy
Refunds are only available if cancellation is made by 3PM the day before of your collection.
For large orders (10 or more), cancellations notified 4 or more days in advance will be fully refunded. 3 days in advance will be 50% refunded. 2 -1 days in advance will not be refunded.

消費期限 当日中にお召し上がりください
保存方法 要冷蔵 10°C以下で保存
製造者 株式会社 真 AIN SOPH.GINZA

Place an order by 3PM for next day collection at AIN SOPH. Ginza from 11:30AM.

Contains: soy

Please ask for additional ingredients and allergens for seasonal items.
To be consumed on the day of collection.

《店頭受渡し》ベジミートの唐揚げ<For pickup>Karaage(Gluten Free)  ¥950

Sales Tax Included
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