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《Reception only for takeout》

I made vegan chirashizushi like a flower that blooms in a lunch box like a colorful flower.

What looks like vegan tuna, squid, eggs, and tobiko are all made from vegetable ingredients. It is a gem that adds flowers to the meeting at lunch.


Our “Hana Chirashi Sushi” is scattered with vegan maguro (tuna), ika (squid), tamago (egg), and tobiko (flying fish roe) on a bed of brown rice. Oriental vegan friendly (no onion, garlic, or other pungent roots.)




Please make a reservation for your lunch from this page in advance. If you place an order by 15:00 the day before, you will be able to pick it up at the Ain Soph Ginza store from 11:30 to 15:00 the next day. When ordering, please specify the desired date of receipt in the remarks column. * Delivery is not possible. Please note that you can only pick it up at the store. * Please note that cancellation will be made until 15:00 the day before, after which the full amount will be paid. * For groups of 10 or more, please make a reservation at least one week in advance. When canceling a group reservation, 50% will be charged 3 days before, and the full amount will be canceled after 15:00 the day before. Please be forewarned.



* For pick up orders from our Ginza location at 11:30 am-3 pm, please place your orders 2 days prior by 5 pm.


Please write your desired collection day in Notes when you place your order. * Pick up only (no deliveries.)


If you are ordering 10 or more, please make your reservation at least one week in advance.Cancellation PolicyRefunds are only available if cancellation is made by 3PM the day before of your collection.For large orders (10 or more), cancellations notified 4 or more days in advance will be fully refunded. 3 days in advance will be 50% refunded. 2 -1 days in advance will not be refunded.


Ingredients: pesticide-free brown rice, carrots, red paprika, tofu, white sardines, amaranthus, cucumbers, eringi, processed soy protein (not genetically modified), young corn, potatoes, mushroom edible flowers, beets, rapeseed oil, mani oil, soy sauce, mirin , Konbu, Kataguri powder, Yamaimo, Turmeric, Apple vinegar, Jinsai sugar, White miso, Salt, Natsumeg, Olegano, Pepper, Natural yeast, Soybean oil, Sucrose, Red koji pigment, Fragrance Allergies: Soybean, Wheat, Yamaimo, Apple


Expiration date Consume within the same day Storage method Refrigerate at 10 ° C or below Store Manufacturer

Shin AIN SOPH.GINZA Co., Ltd. 4-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



Ingredients: chemical free brown rice, carrot, red paprika, tofu, white konjac, amaranth, cucumber, eringi mushroom, soy protein (non GMO), young corn, potato, mushroom, edible flower, beets, canola oil, soy sauce, mirin , kelp, potato starch, yam, turmeric, apple vinegar, sugar beet Sugar, white miso, salt, nutmeg, oregano, pepper, natural yeast, soybean oil, sucrose, red coloring (rice yeast), fragranceContains: soy, wheat, yam , applePlease ask for additional ingredients and allergens for seasonal items. To be consumed on the day of collection.

《店頭受渡し》ヴィーガン 花ちらし寿司(五葷抜き). <Collection Only> Hana Chirashi Sushi ¥2,000

Sales Tax Included
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